Pin-Ups: Introduction

In 2009, Andrea Grant released a high-end art book called 'The Pin-Up Poet', which combined pin-up/film noir modeling photos with her poetry. "I have always been able to chameleon and channel other characters, and I am thrilled to have collaborated with some of the best art, fashion and pin-up photographers to create something powerful and emotional," Grant explains. This project is a re-invention of classic female stereotypes in a postmodern context, a visually appealing and contextually complex reflection on the cultural perception of women, the evocative exploration of how women view themselves versus how they are viewed by men.

"The women in my poems are modern in totality—they drink too much vodka, smoke to calm their nerves, hide behind the armor of black clothing and lingerie. These women are at once lustful and neurotic, they burn cookies and they can't sleep. They are both predators and victims, empowered by their choices to leave unhappy relationships, but lonely and haunted by the ghosts of old lovers," Grant states.

Most importantly, these revelations are paired with exquisite, highly stylized photographs, suggesting that a woman wearing garters has a wealth of memories, secrets and love affairs hidden under her veneer of glamour—and the juxtaposition of these two components is both beautiful and fascinating.


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