Andrea Grant - The Pin-Up Poet Nicholas Routzen
Andrea Grant - Modern Native - Photo by Gary Breckheimer Gary Breckheimer
Minx 3D by Rames Xelhuantzi Rames Xelhuantzi
Andrea Grant - Photo by Joseph Marancca Joseph Marancca
Andrea Grant - Photo by Simon Thorpe Simon Thorpe

Andrea Grant is a writer, model, and multimedia artist of
mixed-blood Coast Salish Native American ancestry.

Her artistic reputation comes from a unique melding of mythological stories, poems, photography, video, spoken word audio, and live performances designed to create a dynamic expression that can be understood on many levels. Throughout, her work is deeply infused by her First Nations heritage, where she often weaves together traditional Coast Salish legends and classic fairytales which are infused with multicultural and feminist influences. Themes include juxtaposition, mythology, the contradictions of modern womanhood, and what it means specifically to be a “Modern Native” in the digital age.

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Modern Native: Spoken Word Film Preview

The spoken word film “Modern Native” by Andrea Grant is about storytelling and the duality within Native Americans of mixed-blood who have been brought up learning both traditional myths and western fairytales equally. It’s about honoring your tribe and where you’re from, and finding empowerment within your origins as you face up to life’s challenges and take control of your destiny, realizing why you ended up on a certain mythological journey.