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Gallery Exhibit: Modern Native

Never Apart

Modern Native by Andrea Grant

The spoken word poem “Modern Native” by Andrea Grant is about the storytelling traditions of our culture and the duality within Natives and Natives of mixed-blood who have been brought up learning both traditional myths and western fairytales equally. It’s about honoring your tribe and where you’re from and finding empowerment within your origins as you face up to life’s challenges and take control of your destiny.

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Interview: Andrea Grant

Never Apart

Never Apart Magazine Editor Jordan King connected with writer, filmmaker, artist, and poet Andrea Grant

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Author creates Minx – a new Indigenous superhero

APTN  |  November 2019

Comic books have captured the imaginations of countless generations and  with superheros like Superman, Batman and even Wonder Woman – many would say that comic books allows the reader to enter into make believe worlds where anything can happen. Now a new comic book is about to make a huge impact.

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The Pin-Up Poet Book by Author Andrea Grant and Special Insightful Interview

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Indigenous Peeps in the Industry

alterNative Media Blog  |  August 2008 Read Online

Andrea Grant's MINX Forms Alliance with Ardden Entertainment

Newsarama  |  December 2010 Read Online

A Look at Andrea Grant's Minx

Is Nothing Sacred?  |  November 2010 Read Online

Interview - Andrea Grant

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Minx Issue 3 Review

Is Nothing Sacred?  |  June 2008 Read Online


"Vanilla Vodka" Spoken Word Video by Andrea Grant (2019)

Andrea Grant - performance at the Nuyorican (Halloween 2005)

Evan Ønly - NMW_VID_TRAILERØØ3 - Featuring Andrea Grant

"3000 Miles to Graceland" + Featuring Andrea Grant

Andrea Grant - Rings I Have Worn

Andrea Grant - Messiah Complex

Johnny Walker Presents..."Going Up" + Starring Andrea Grant

Andrea Grant's MINX: The Dream War Project


Creative Chats podcast

Creative Chat with writer and multimedia artist Andrea Grant

Andrea Grant is a writer and multimedia artist of mixed-blood Coast Salish Native ancestry. Her artistic reputation comes from a unique melding of poetry, illustrated fiction (including comic books), photography, film, spoken word audio, and live performances designed to create a dynamic expression that can be understood on many levels. Throughout, her work is deeply infused by her First Nations heritage, where she often weaves together traditional Coast Salish legends and classic fairytales which are infused with multicultural and feminist influences. Due to this blended point of view, her writing is often described as being that of a “Modern Native.”

Thank You, Mama

The Power of Heritage

Poet and storyteller Andrea Grant talks about being raised in the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses by a Native American father and a Welsh-Irish mother. While both Andrea and her father left the cult, and embraced their indigenous heritage, her mother returned to it after losing her 2nd husband. From mama Glenys, we learn about strength, independence, embracing your femininity, and social grace. From Andrea we learn about honesty, not being a victim, and the dangers of self-sabotage. Andrea also describes her childhood with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and talks about Native American myths and beliefs.

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