Andrea Grant and renowned Native artist Qwalsius-Shaun Peterson ( are pleased to announce their collaboration on a collection of re-imagined Coast Salish myths, entitled “Killer Whale-Wolf & the Isle of Women.”

The Coast Salish people of the Pacific Northwest believed that they were surrounded, at all times, by supernatural beings interfering with the natural world. In their culture, spirits were connected to all living things. Their customs, beliefs, and history were passed down orally through stories, songs, and dances. They had stories about why certain things occurred, like the changes in season. There were stories about each tribe and how they first appeared in this world, and all of these stories were passed down to subsequent generations.

This illustrated collection is a modernization of some of these traditional Coast Salish stories, which have often evolved over the years. The idea of mortals being touched by the divine is universally fascinating, and this collection of stories highlights the aspect of what would happen if someone’s life was changed through being called to a higher ad- venture, interacting with the ancient gods, goddesses, and animal spirits.