Modern Natives


An Illustrated Collection Of Reimagined Coast Salish Myths

The Coast Salish people of the Pacific Northwest believed that they were surrounded, at all times, by supernatural beings interfering with the natural world. In their culture, spirits were connected to all living things. Their customs, beliefs, and history were passed down orally through stories, songs, and dances. They had stories that explained why certain things occurred in harmony with Mother Earth, such as the changes in season. There were stories about each tribe and how they first appeared in this world, and all of these stories were passed down to subsequent generations. This illustrated collection is a modernization of some of these traditional Coast Salish stories, which have evolved over the years. Ancient gods come forth as powerful characters in art, music, and literature, and continuing to share these stories about spirit power, the killer whale-wolf concept, tricksters such as Coyote, and rain-making is an important part of Coast Salish culture. This collection combines the traditional tales with issues that modern Natives face today.