The Pin-Up Poet Book (2nd Edition)



Writer: Andrea Grant
Photographers: Various
Full Color, 68 Pages

This book contains the iconoclasts of the women trapped in poet Andrea Grant’s head. These women drink too much vodka, smoke to calm their nerves, and hide behind the armor of black clothing and lingerie. These women are at once lustful and neurotic, they burn cookies, and they can’t sleep. They are both predators and victims, empowered by their choices to leave unhappy relationships, but lonely and haunted by the ghosts of old lovers. These revelations are paired with exquisite, highly stylized photographs of Ms. Grant, suggesting that a woman wearing garters has a wealth of memories, secrets and love affairs hidden under her veneer of glamour—and the juxtaposition of these two components is both beautiful and fascinating.

Photographers include Chas Ray Krider, Viva Van Story, Shannon Brooke, James Graham, Ken Thurlbeck, Nicholas Routzen, and Gary Breckheimer.